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Hello Folks, 

I am so excited that you took the time to visit thisis.myshaklee.com. I am so thankful for Shaklee and our wonderful line of products and packages. As a former Division One athlete, fitness was never an issue, I was always in shape. I was always fit.

Now as an adult and a busy business owner, unfortunately that is no longer the case. As a busy working mom, running all day and planning all night - I hadn't realized how much I had abondoned my healthy lifstyle and replaced it with bad habits and an even worse diet. With Shaklee I was able to make subtle changes that have made a HUGE difference. Nothing crazy. Nothing extreme. Just better living. Healthy living.

If you would like more information on Shaklee and our amazing products feel free to contact me directly by calling 215.435.4805 or emailing me at cheldin@i-gcreative.com